Bruno Cassol

I create websites and computer programs for fun and profit. Having worked with an array of technologies in a career that spans over a decade, I specialized in web development.


Tra├žo e Cor is a one page website with a custom made admin area that allows the client to easily update content. design by @diade
One page HTML5 CSS jQuery PHP MySQL Custom CMS
Mineshare was an interesting project where I did mostly front-end while other engineer did the back-end development.
Front-end HTML5 CSS jQuery PHP
Bichomania is a WordPress site. My job was to convert images given by the designer into a fully working WordPress theme. I also did the WordPress installation and plugin customization. design by @diade
WordPress HTML5 CSS jQuery PHP MySQL
IBISA is institutional website. My work in this project involved all the back-end and front-end development. I received design images from designer and after some days with lots of caffeine, we had a site up and running. design by @diade
Front-end Back-end HTML5 CSS LESS jQuery PHP MySQL
Dream World Guide is an application written Adobe's Flash framework called Flex. It is aimed at helping players in a game called Dream World.
Flash Flex

Revista Super Motor is an auto magazine. I designed and developed both the front and back-end of its website. The administration area was custom built to meet client's requirements.
Front-end Back-end HTML5 CSS jQuery PHP MySQL Design
Catalogo TM is a little website I made. It is a catalog of materials related to table tennis for the sport enthusiasts.
SIPPOAB is neat system created to meet the client's very specific requirements. It is fully ajax and extends on jQuery UI's framework to build custom components.
Paginador is a web application written in Adobe's Flash framework called Flex. It was my first project while while working for Tecnomapas, a great geotechnology company! The software is capable of converting large PDFs and other document formats into a nice online page-flipping book. Includes text searching, auto thumbnail generation and on-demand dynamic page loading thus enabling viewing of documents with 1000+ pages online without bandwidth problems. design by @tiagodonatti
Flash Flex
WiseOrc is small website I created to test-drive NodeJS. It features many tools like date and currency conversion, text processing, hashing, encryption, compression, etc. Uses dynamic javascript and assets loading heavily.
NodeJS jQuery UI RequireJS
Chrome Keylogger is extension for Chrome browser that listens to everything the user types and sends that information to a determined destination from time to time. This was made for a security research project and is not available on Chrome Web Store.
Chrome Extension Security
ClassiFacil is web crawler made in Python to scrape, process, store and present large amounts of data from a specific website. It was created to explore data scrapping and processing capabilities with Python.
Python Web scrapping Data mining Data deduplication
PHP ScrapperNet is distributed web scrapping system made in PHP. Think of it as a botnet, but for data mining the web. A command center controls what and how the bots will fetch from the internet. Upon task completion, bots send the data back to the command center which in turn stores this data on a database and assigns the bot another task if available. This project was done for Network & Distributed Systems class during my B.S. in Computer Science course.
PHP Web scrapping Data mining Distributed
GuiaBot is simple web scrapper written in PHP for a specific website. In order to to comply with target website's policy, it features throttling which was the main goal of this research.
PHP Web scrapping Throttling
GoogleScrapper is a specialized scrapping system aimed at obtaining domain names from Google searches. It uses a file of words (dictionary) as input and saves fetched domain names in a database. The goal was to test Google's excellent anti-scrapping systems. I had to implement many mechanisms to doge these protections and many weren't completely avoided, just softened. I'll not disclose the said mechanisms as I don't encourage illegal activities in any shape or form. The scope of this research project was to learn about web scrapping on hard targets and respect for Google was (and is) my number #1 priority. The research is done, I learned what I wanted and the files were archived. Google is amazing in many ways and it serves the internet with great tools. It has my respect.
PHP Web scrapping